Maybe a little early for champagne and twirlies but so far so good …


Out of the garage!

February 16, 2010

Small miracle, but Misty is no longer in the garage.  She still needs a good home with a nice yard to run zoomies in, and dedicated people who can share her super-sticky affections and keep up with her very high level of intelligence.  This is one smart, energetic and incredibly loving dog.  Agility training comes to mind; she would be like a C12 Zagato in high gear.  Responsive, beautiful, fast and ready to perform.  When she’s not lounging with her stuffies or cuddling in your lap, of course.

This is Misty.  She was probably born in late 2007 (she seems to be about 2   years old).

Her first life was probably as a breeder dog for someone selling puppies because she was abandoned in a shelter night box with her teats still full of milk.  According to shelter staff, she appeared “quiet, sad and scared.”

Misty’s second life was as a shelter dog in a kennel.  While she was treated as well as can be under the circumstances, she was just one of those dogs that really don’t show up well in a shelter.  She paced back and forth, hopped up and down, and generally did not give potential adopters a good look at anything beyond a frantic black blur behind metal wire.  No surprise then that she languished for months with no one wanting to take her home.

Finally, the time came when Misty’s misery began to affect her mental state.  She began to break down and the shelter made the difficult decision to end her anguish.

However, it seemed this was not Misty’s time to die. 

More than one volunteer had seen a side of Misty outside the shelter that made them think twice about letting this young dog go.

Misty’s plight deeply moved people’s hearts from San Diego to San Mateo and even as far away as Boston and Maryland.

Prayers and tears were said and shed as Misty’s last day quickly approached.  They must have worked, because on the morning this young life was scheduled to be stilled, she was instead sitting peacefully in my car and breathing the air with a quiet joy.

But the saga doesn’t end here, because I am not her fairy-tale ending.

I can’t keep her.  I have helped Misty into her third life, as a temporary foster in a garage.

She is comfortable, happy and enjoying her days but as much as I want to, I am not in a situation where I can commit to being her forever-family.  And Misty needs – and deserves – a stable home life where she can make her family feel all the amazing love she has to give, where she can be an upside-down-puppy-pie on a couch, and patter freely about in a secure environment at last.

So this blog is here for the person who needs Misty.  You don’t know it yet, but when you hear about her, read her story, and come to meet her, you are going to be the one.

You are going to love the way she looks like a small puppy when she sleeps in the back seat of your car.  

You are going to laugh when she pops around your back yard with a toy, and understand why she needs to bury them everywhere.

You will take her to new places to see beautiful things.  You will be touched and saddened when she is frightened of ordinary spaces like a public bathroom (that looks like her kennel).

You will be delighted by her ability to overcome her fear of strange objects (like swan-shaped squash that at first terrify, then become playthings, for her).

You will be strong enough to fend off her enthusiastic hugs, kisses and licks; loving enough to return the devotion and respect she gives you in spades; and smart enough to put in the time to train yourself and her to become bully breed ambassadors.

And she will climb into your heart, curl up in your home and bring into your world the warm goodness of her soul as you both enter her fourth and final life on this earth together.

We are waiting for you.  

Email or call us at 908-279-3385.

Watch Misty in action at her training class: